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Skyworth overseas regional marketing headquarters office furniture procurement

Green plants are placed in the negotiation area with a fresh style. The concise and elegant negotiation table with comfortable chairs or sofas makes the negotiation atmosphere more comfortable and smoother communication. When you are busy, there is such a space where you can unscrupulously reverie, look at, and read, how pleasant it should be!

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2020 Agile

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Shenmu City No. 1 High School Office Furniture Procurement

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SUNHE was established in Guangzhou in 2003, focusing on the fields of office furniture, apartment furniture, and teaching furniture. It is an enterprise group integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service. Office furniture has been qualified as a designated supplier of government procurement for six consecutive years. , The top three in comprehensive strength. Sunhe people shoulder the mission of "achieve partners and build the future together", and adhere to the principles and values of honesty, trustworthiness and win-win. Shenghe team upholds the team spirit of “understanding, appreciating, sharing” and attracting talents to gather elites. Currently, there are more than 200 employees, of which professional R&D personnel account for 10% of the total number of employees, and professional technical personnel account for 85% of the total number of employees.

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